Netgear Extender Login: redirects you to an IP address, to access Netgear extender login webpage launch a web browser and type in the address bar of your browser, a setup screen will appear, enter your email address and create a new Netgear account,then click on next option, click on scan option(to connect your extender with existing access point or router),select Network name ssid of your existing access point and then click on next option,repeat the same for 5ghz network ssid, enter wireless security key for your access point,then click on continue option,netgear extender will try to connect with your existing access point, once the setup process is complete led lights on netgear extender will turn to solid white.


Netgear Extender


Netgear X4 extender

When your router is not able to cover entire home or office area then there is need of an extension of the current router’s network. Netgear X4 nighthawk extender is used for expanding the range of your existing router. This extender supports 802.11ac wireless technology. This is the new technology standard which provides better reliability and speed than the older ones. It is also backward compatible with earlier wifi standards.

Wifi Extender Setup:

  • A wifi extender firstly connects to the network of the existing router just the same way a wifi device connects.
  • Then it transmits the signal to the dead zone areas and the wifi enabled devices kept there receive the signal and connects to the extender network. setup is the default web address to set up a Netgear extender. The setup process is easy when you are using setup method. Even though you might get some difficulties while following the steps or sometimes shows an error. For the issues related to your Netgear X4 extender, we are having a team of experts. Get in touch with them to resolve your issues.

  • Place your extender at an optimal location and connect it to wifi enabled device such as a computer.
  • Check the client Link LED. It must be solid if the connection is successful.
  • Open a web browser. You can go for Google Chrome, Microsoft Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox or Safari.
  • In the URL bar located at the top of the browser, type
  • Click on the new extender setup button.
  • Complete the fields and click next each time. If you do not know any particular field details then we are here for you.
  • Set the network name and password and click continue.
  • Enter the registration fields and click on finish button to complete the setup.
  • Take out the extender and plug it into a new location of your choice. But make sure it is getting enough router signals. You can also go for WPS method if not done with this. See the steps below to do the same.
  • Find the WPS button on your extender and press it.
  • Within another two minutes, press the WPS button on your router.
  • When the connection establishes then WPS light on the extender turns solid white.
  • If your router is a dual-band router then repeat the above steps to connect 5 GHz band to the extender. If not then continue with the 5 step.
  • Now, you can place your extender to a new location because it has made a successful connection with your router.
  • The optimal position considered to place the extender is midway between your router and the dead zone.
  • Start your extender at the new location. Verify its range and speed by placing your computer at the dead zone. Connect your computer to the extended network of the router. The name of the network remains same.

How to access the Netgear X4 status page after installation?

A user can open the status page of the extender to view or change the settings. We hereby mention steps to open the web interface of your extender. Connect to the extended network of your router that is to the connection of the extender. Open a web browser and type This will open a login page for you. Enter the default username and password. Click on login button. The status page of your extender displays. The status page is also called the basic home page of your extender. From here, you can change the wireless settings, change the admin name and password, reset the extender, and update the firmware and many more.

How to change the wifi speed of the extender?

  1. Take the adapter and plug it into an electrical outlet which will supply power to your extender.
  2. Wait till the power LED turns solid.
  3. Connect a wifi device to your extender. You can go for a wireless connection or wired connection through Ethernet cables.
  4. Open a web browser from the computer and in the address bar, type
  5. Go to settings then wireless.
  6. Select a speed in the wifi menu. Save the changes you have made in the speed.

For the security reasons, it is mandatory to change the admin password of your Netgear router otherwise anyone who knows the default credentials can use your extender, change the settings of your extender. After opening the user interface of the extender, in the password section, the user can change the network name and password. If you forgot the password then click on the forgot password link. It asks you some security questions that you have set before. Answer the same and you can then be able to set a new password to open the user interface.

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